October 2018

Welcome to an October news update from M•Suite.

Within the last decade there has been a significant rise in people who own an electronic device such as a smart phone, tablet or computer. Because of this there has been a significant rise in spam and cold calls this is due to that fact that it’s very cheap and easy to make a cold call.

A very common message you might see is ‘Your computer is infected, call —-‘. A webpage cannot scan your computer for malware and therefore all these messages are fake when you call the number you can expect to have to install a remote monitoring software such as Team Viewer or VNC. These software’s are very useful, they allow repair shops to remotely connect your device and fix it without the need for you to bring it in. However, with the rise in cold callers using these software’s Internet Service Providers such as TalkTalk and Sky have started to block them. These web pages can look very legitimate, in a recent case the webpage looked near identical to the ‘Apple Help’ page, only if you looked at the URL of the site did you realise it was fake.

Some of the websites download applications and files designed to be hidden but these files can monitor your browsing, typing and everything you do on your computer. Although you might think, well I only use my computer for email and shopping this also means your passwords, bank details and email accounts are all being shared with this company.

In our health checks we run thorough softwares that scan every directory of the computer, these specialise in removing malware, trojans, cookies, keyboard monitors and they also reset internet browsing files. Health checks are a great way to make sure that your device is safe and secure. The majority of virus checkers such as Avast, McAfee and Bullguard don’t often catch these types of malware.

However, on a positive note, you can get a half-price health check on ANY Mac or Windows PC for only £29.99. A health check is a great way to get an older laptop running that little bit quicker again, also making sure you don’t have any hidden malware mentioned above. It’s also great for new laptops to maximise the performance. Offer expires 12th October. Click here to book in your repair today.

Similarly, if you have a Mac that just isn’t running as fast as it used to we can help, drop into store and we can give you a free quote for upgrading your Mac. An SSD or Memory upgrade will almost certainly help give your Mac the performance boost it deserves. Alongside an SSD upgrade we clone the data free of charge. Come in store today or use our online booking form to get your Mac booked in.

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If you have any specific requests about upgrades or health checks please get in touch at sales@m-suite.co.uk or 01825 764777

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