Increasing difficulty of sourcing genuine Apple accessories

How do I know if the wall adapter or lightning cable I’ve purchased is a genuine Apple product?

This is a question we’re asked on a near daily basis and with counterfeits from China becoming ever more accurate in their design and style it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell.

Having been in the industry for many years now, to me the biggest give away is the weight of the product itself – but what happens if you don’t handle or buy Apple products on a daily basis, how can you tell?

Apple provide their own information page (see HERE) but with some of the counterfeits becoming so good, often they are able to beat these halmarks that Apple put in place.

In 2016 Apple purchased well over 100 “genuine” cables and chargers from Amazon, of which after testing Apple found a staggering 90% to be fake! More recently in 2017 an operation in West Sussex uncovered over £1.3 million pounds worth of fake Apple products (see HERE) which were seized by trading standards.

Counterfeit chargers come with serious safety risks, often lacking the necessary protection circuits to prevent overheating and power cut off – leading to a considerably higher risk of fire.

We have always been highly cautious with the accessories we include with our refurbished Apple iPads, so much so if we cannot source genuine used 12w wall chargers, we have been purchasing them brand new from one of the UK leading distributors, Tech Data. This however comes at a high cost with a genuine 12W USB Wall Charger costing £13.85 ex VAT and genuine 1M Lightning Cables costing £13.87 ex VAT. This is a cost we have been taking on ourselves without raising the cost to our customers.

However, our competitors are not as safety conscious and in a marketplace where cost is key, many include non genuine wall chargers & lightning cables.

At M•Suite we have decided rather then raising our prices to accommodate the additional cost of brand new & genuine chargers, or keeping our price the same but including inferior accessories that can put our customers at risk, we’re going to include brand new Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad (MFI) accessories.

MFI accessories are produced by 3rd Party Manufactures, in accordance with Apple requirements. They’re then tested by Apple and approved for sale. They’re safe for use with all Apple iOS devices and have been thoroughly tested.

This way, we at M•Suite believe our customers will be getting high quality, brand new & genuine accessories for their Apple products, removing any risks or quality issues with our products and overall creating a better experience. All accessories will come in their boxes, which are suitably marked & approved.

If you have a requirement for the original Apple 12W USB Wall Charger & Lightning cable, we can still supply these with your order – please make a note during checkout and we will include these. However we believe that the 3rd Party MFI alternatives in many cases are far better quality and more resilient to breaks and splits compare to Apples original.

Please note that we will still continue to include genuine MagSafe chargers with all our Macs, as these can be tested in more depth to confirm originality.

If you have any questions about our new policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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