Frequently Asked Questions

Apple sell only the highest quality products when new, a real premium product built from class leading components right down to the finely machined screws. Because of this it means our refurbished product are that reliable, each is fully tested by our Apple Certified Macintosh Technician and we only sell 100% working units. We do not “mix and match” parts to build working units and creating consistency in a product. We believe every Mac we sell should give a minimum of 5 years of service before requiring upgrading and/or replacement.

Every refurbished Mac has a 6 month Return To Base (RTB) warranty. Products that are covered under Apple 1-Year Limited Warranty or Apple’s AppleCare Protection Plan will be provided with the correct paperwork on sale.

Batteries are considered as consumable items and as such are not warranted under the 6 month period. Before sale these batteries are tested and if found unsatisfactory they’re replaced before sale. As a minimum our units will be provided with a battery capable of 2 hours.

In the unlikely event that your Mac product should suffer from a hard drive failure, any software on the drive will be lost. We recommends that customers make regular backups from their hard drives to protect their investment in software and personal data. Responsibility for the software and data you have added to your machine rests with the owner of the product. We’re not responsible for damage to or loss of data or programs. We also do not warrant any software issues but are more then happy to assist should you experience any issues.

We install the latest OS X onto each refurbished Mac, along with this we include the latest version of iLife and a 30 day trial of Microsoft Office.

We include a 30 day trial of Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook. This can be removed or extended by purchase of a licence key after the trial period. Other alternatives include Open Office or iWork’s from Apple which are both full featured productivity suites.

All our units go through a stringent data eradication process, so that there is no trace of any data from a previous user. With many of our refurbished Macs we fit brand new hard drives to meet todays requirement for disk space.

Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot accept Macs from the general public.

We work in partnership with one of the UK largest IT asset-recycling companies who recycle hundreds of thousands of units a year. The majority of the units we receive are ex-corporate equipment. We pride ourselves in the quality of the products we sell and so we only source from a credible & reliable source.

Every Mac we sell will have a minimum battery life of 2 hour, should it be less during our inspection we will replace it with a new genuine battery. Battery life can differ depending on what you’re using your Mac for, for example watching a DVD will use the battery quicker then writing a text document. Mac batteries are rated to 1000 cycles with the majority of ours having under 400 cycles.

Every Mac running OS X comes with a built in recovery partition to help restore your Mac to factory settings if required.

We supply an entire range of accessories for your Mac, including cases, power adapters, display cables and keyboards to suit any budget. Please contact us if there are any specific accessories you require to compliment your purchase.

We always suggest our customers come back in to see us if they have any issues, this is because face to face service has many benefits, we can provide basic tuition, helpful advice and often solve any issues there an then. You can still contact us by phone on 01825 764 777 should you wish to.

We offer a full in house repair service and have access to an entire catalogue of replacement parts for every unit. Before we undertake any work we will assess your unit and advise you on the cost effectiveness of the repair.