Sourcing Of Our Refurbished Apple Equipment

Every refurbished Apple Mac we sell is taken directly from one of the UK’s largest & leading IT asset recycling companies, who have partnerships with large corporations such as Dell, Lexmark and Apple themselves. The majority of the equipment we purchase is from an ex corporate background. Corporate equipment offers quality not found in consumer units, often the condition of the Macs from a corporate environment are of a much higher standard with many still retaining their original packaging and signs of limited use. Every Mac we purchase is in full working order on delivery and we do not take in part working units for repair & sale.

We select Macs based on their age and specification making sure they’re are fit for todays requirements in terms of hardware and software. All of our equipment is of A grade standard, this is because we only sell equipment we would purchase ourselves. We strongly believe the look of our Macs not only reflects on us as a company but how the unit has been treated during it’s life. Being used equipment there will be very minimal signs of use but we do not sell units with large dents, large scratches or other signs of heavy, abusive use.

We do not take or purchase any used Apple equipment from the public due to security & quality reasons.


Delivery & Inspection

Stocking orders are placed every week meaning we always have a varied and full range that caters for all needs & requirements. Our deliveries are securely packaged when shipped to us and on arrival unpacked and checked off. Each unit has an initial inspection to assess condition and accessories which is noted down upon our checklist. At this stage if there are any visual imperfections we’re not happy with these are noted and the unit is returned to our supplier and not offered for sale.


Strip Down & Internal Cleaning

Every Mac we sell has been through a complete disassembly process in which all components are removed from their housing, cleaned & inspected for any signs of damage. This is all performed on an anti static bench with wrist strap to prevent any electrostatic discharge which can cause intermittent instability issues. All components are cleaned with compressed air and antistatic brushes to remove any contaminates which helps the machine to perform more efficiently.


Reassembly, Upgrades & Bench Testing

Once the Mac has been fully disassembled and cleaned the components are replaced and secured back into place. Many Mac’s are fitted with upgraded RAM to maximise multitasking performance along with larger hard drives allowing greater space for our ever increasing digital content. Some newer models are fitted with solid state drives along with twin hard drives setups creating Fusion drives greatly improving performance.

Upon reassembly the units are connected to our network and the latest software is loaded onto each machine. We run both an OS, along with lower level BIOS based testing software. This checks things such as temperature sensor, thermal levels, fan speeds, graphics performance and processor performance. Both RAM & Hard Drive performance is further tested for any possible erratic issues. On Macs which have a dedicated graphics chip we run specific graphical testing software designed to push the limits to ensure the unit performs under pressure. All ports are tested along with optical drive functionality before the unit is ready to pass to the next stage.


External Cleaning & Preparation For Sale

Every Mac is crafted from a lovely piece of aluminium which adds an element of quality not rivalled by many other manufactures. When treated & prepared correctly these can really shine and make a Mac look as new. We take great pride in the external appearance of ours Macs, we believe that just because it is a “used” Mac doesn’t mean it should look like one. We thoroughly clean the external casing of each mac, making sure every surface is clean and in as new condition. All the ports are cleaned with compressed air and small detailing brushes whilst keys are removed and cleaned individually.


Web Listing & Shop Presentation

Upon completion of the refurbishment process by our Apple Certified Macintosh Technician each Mac is photographed in detail ready for display on our website, an inspection report is created and uploaded alongside the product to provide the most accurate appraisal of the Macs condition. We provide as much detail as possible on our Macs to help give a complete view of the product & its condition.

Our pricing structure is based around the age & specification of the unit, because we only deal with Grade A equipment prices are much more stable. Pricing is inline with our competitors, with the added benefit that we’re one of the class leaders for warranty period offered on our refurbished Macs. Also we have a fully trained Apple technician who has been through the correct and approved Apple programs so you can be sure your Mac has been handled and worked on by someone with only the best training.

Each Mac is uploaded onto our website with all the correct details and specifications provided. Should you wish for any further information about any of our machines or require a unique configuration please do call us and we can work to find you the right Mac.



All of our Apple Macs & iPads are supplied with a minimum, industry leading, six month Return to Base Warranty.

Where by faulty goods will be repaired or replaced with goods equal or greater in specification. Our warranty covers all hardware components except for the battery, as these are seen as a consumable item. During testing every Macs battery life is assessed and all will provide a minimum of 5 hours. Each battery is rated to 1000 cycles with the majority of our units having under 400 cycles, some with less then 10. If we feeling during testing a battery performance isn’t sufficient it will be replaced before the Mac is available for sale. If you have a specific battery life requirement please get in touch.

We strongly recommend keeping a backup of your data using TimeMachine, which is built into every Mac, our warranty does covers hard drive failures, however if you have not backed up your Mac we reserve the right to charge for data recovery on a case by case basis.

We also offer a twelve month Return to Base Warranty on a select range of Apple Macs & iPads, this is detailed within individual Mac listings. This twelve month warranty provides the same level of coverage but now for an additional six months piece of mind.

On Apple Macs with AppleCare remaining this is passed directly onto the buyer with all relevant details – Providing benefits such as repair at any Apple Store & Telephone support.

Please be aware our devices come with a discreet warranty sticker installed to prevent tampering, abuse & fraudulent activity. Should this be removed, any warranty that the product had would now be void.